Tribe Tadornini

Tribe List based on Helm’s “Wildfowl of Europe, Asia and North America” by Sebastien Reeber published by Bloomsbury 2015 ISBN: 978-1-4729-1234-3 with additional South American species not included in that publication from “Coloured Key to the Wildfowl of the World” by Peter Scott updated and published by WWT in 2006 ISBN: 0-900806-35-4

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The shelducks are a group of larger often semi-terrestrial waterfowl, which can be seen as intermediate between geese (Anserinae) and ducks. They are mid-sized (some 50–60 cm) Old World waterfowl.  Their diet consists of small shore animals (winkles, crabs etc.) as well as grasses and other plants.

COMMON SHELDUCK (Tadorna tadnorna)


This is a big, colourful duck, bigger than a mallard but smaller than a goose. Both sexes have a dark green head and neck, a chestnut belly stripe and a red bill.


RUDDY SHELDUCK (Tadnorna ferruginea)


The Ruddy Shelduck is a member of the duck, goose and swan family Anatidae and is classed as a Shelduck. In Western Europe the ruddy Shelduck is considered a pest as many captive birds have escaped and established themselves in the wild and are a threat to the native waterfowl due to their aggressive behaviour and interbreeding. Due to this the Ruddy Shelduck is subject to an eradication scheme


Information on individual species taken from Avian Web, The WWT, RSPB and audubon

Pictures by Ken James

See Also: Dabbling Ducks Diving Ducks Sea Ducks